Rethinking Gamification workshop 15-17th May 2013

Gamification Lab at Leuphana University / Centre for Digital Cultures present:

Rethinking Gamification

A conference/ workshop about the potential and implications of gamification

15th to 17th May 2013
Lüneburg Germany, Leuphana University
Alte Post“ Building Sülztorstrasse, Konferenzraum 332

Gamification” is a buzzword of today’s marketing business, but also an accurate description of a fundamental shift in modern society: the permeation of economical, political and social contexts by game-elements. Rule structures and interfaces, inspired by computer games, are exceedingly used by corporations to manage and control brand-communities and to create value. What is missing up to now, however, is a critical analysis of concrete examples as well as theoretical reasonings about the ethical and political implications of gamification. The objective of our workshop is to change that: gamification might be a buzzword, but it surely is a symptom of an underlying, fundamental trend in our society. In this first workshop at the will gather scholars with the purpose of critically rethinking the concept of gamification.

Introduction by
Götz Bachmann(Leuphana University, CDC)

Keynote talks by
Flavio Escribano, keynote (Universita de Sevilla): Gamification versus Ludictatorship. From Sex Games to Russian Roulette
Daphne Dragona, keynote (Athens): Counter-Gamification
Mathias Fuchs (Leuphana University, Gamification Lab, CDC): Gamification in Digital Cultures and Pre-digital Precursors.

Niklas Schrape (Leuphana University): Gamification as Simulatization of the Real
Aleena Chia (Communication and Culture, Indiana University): Game of Life. A Critical Analysis of Work as Play
Marco Benoît Carbone (University College London): Making sense of Gamification: industry, gamers, scholars. Towards an overview of social, cultural and technological factors
Felix Raczkowski (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): It’s all fun and games… A_History of Ideas concerning Gamification
Paolo Ruffino (Leuphana University): Gamification: New Forms of Engagement in Video Game Culture
Oliver Lerone Schultz(Leuphana University): Öffentlichkeit & Gamification
Fabrizio Poltronieri(University of São Paulo): Gamification, Apparatuses, Language and the Emergence of New Codes. A Flusserian Approach
Scott Nicholson (Syracuse University – Because Play Matters game lab): Meaningful Gamification
Martin Steinike (HTW Berlin): Lab Report
Christina Kral (Leuphana University): From Attitude to the Inevitable Tool (between irrelevance and clue)
Sebastian Deterding (Hans Bredow Institut, Hamburg): Outside the Box. From Gameful Structures to Playful Framing

Gamification Lab
is a Research Lab that is part of Leuphana University’s Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC). We research the implications of artistic, non-institutionalised and activist media practices within digital culture.

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