Rethinking Gamification workshop – DAY 2

The first day ended with a nice dinner, and now we are ready for an intensive day of presentations and discussions. There have been a few changes in the schedule, but that’s how it shoudl look like:

First session (morning):
Niklas Schrape 
(Leuphana University): Gamification as Simulatization of the Real
Aleena Chia (Communication and Culture, Indiana University): Game of Life. A Critical Analysis of Work as Play
Felix Raczkowski (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): It’s all fun and games… A_History of Ideas concerning Gamification

Second session (morning):
Paolo Ruffino (Leuphana University): Gamification: New Forms of Engagement in Video Game Culture
Oliver Lerone Schultz(Leuphana University): Öffentlichkeit & Gamification
Fabrizio Poltronieri(University of São Paulo): Gamification, Apparatuses, Language and the Emergence of New Codes. A Flusserian Approach

Third session (afternoon):
Scott Nicholson (Syracuse University – Because Play Matters game lab): Meaningful Gamification
Martin Steinike (HTW Berlin): Lab Report
Christina Kral (Leuphana University): From Attitude to the inevitable Tool (between irrelevance and clue)
Sebastian Deterding (Hans Bredow Institut, Hamburg): Outside the Box. From Gameful Structures to Playful Framing

Each presentation will be followed by Q&A, and then by group sessions in the afternoon/evening.
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