Workshop on audio for games and interactivity


Last Thursday, November 13th, the Gamification Lab had a workshop at which very talented artists, designers and developers from different countries participated with projects, practices and theories revolving around audio for games and interactive applications.

Costantino Oliva, Italian lecturer at the University of Malta presented principles and theories on game soundscapes. Spanish artist Diego Diaz showcased an interactive playground-affording prototype for collaborative play at public spaces. Cornelius Huber, from Audiogent, talked on ways of publishing interactive audio books. Vladan Joler and Kristian Lukic, artists and curators from Serbia also known as Eastwood Designers, exhibited a project based on the game engine Civilization with a twist on surveillance organizations. German developers Prefrontal Cortex offered a thorough introduction to the artistic and industrial projects they have produced as applications that allow users being creative by the use of different interfaces and devices. While the Gamification Lab presented the Audiogame Hub and gave an overview of what its design and development have implied.

The workshop propitiated a very creative, fun and productive environment for trying out each other´s designs and share experiences and points of view. As always, the Gamification Lab was happy to create a context for the study and discussion of state-of-the-art playful proposals and analyse new ways of interactions with technological-mediated content and their social implications.