Gamification Lab at Transmediale, Berlin

Several members of the Gamification Lab have been talking at Transmediale, in Berlin, January 28- February 2nd. The topic of this year’s edition of Transmediale was ‘Capture All’, and it focussed on gamification, the quantified self, forms of tracking and monitoring and artistic responses to these and other similar trends of digital media.

Mathias Fuchs
has moderated a panel called ‘Calculated Play? Games as metaphors, medium and method‘, where Kristian Lukic and his team Eastwood -Real Time Strategy have presented their latest modification of the game Civilization. The project, entitled Civilization VI, modifies the original Civilization game and adds security and surveillance groups, both public and private, as the main actors of the game. Civilization VI was also exhibited at the Transmediale exhibition. The game has been developed as part of the research that Kristian is currently doing at the Gamification Lab. In the same panel, Ned Rossiter from University of Western Sydney also discussed about his recent artistic and research investigations in the field of logistics.
On Friday 30th Paolo Ruffino from the Gamification Lab has presented his work on gamification and the quantified self movement at the panel ‘All Play and No Work: the Quantified Us‘. The panel was moderated by Daphne Dragona, and also had among its speakers Mark Butler from University of Potsdam and Jennifer Whitson from University of Waterloo in Canada. Paolo discussed about his current research and presented one of his latest projects as member of the art collective IOCOSE.