Biotic Video Games

Thanks Daphne Dragona for forwarding this interesting topic.
I remember a line from a Hansi Lang pop song that Ludic Society member Margarete Jahrmann used to quote: “Ich spiele Leben!” (I play life). So this is what the blog mashable reports:

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Frank Fox

I guess this will “You have video games, so why aren’t we making games on a more biological platform, as well?” Riedel-Kruse wonders.

He says he coined the term “biotic video games,” along with his results: a soccer-themed game called Ciliaball. He digitally laid the image of a virtual soccer field and ball atop a magnified, paramecia-filled pool. To earn points, players must guide their paramecia to “kick” the ball into the virtual goals. Users influence the organisms by pushing buttons on a handheld controller, which administers a light charge to one end of the tiny pool. The critters then swim in the opposite direction, in a phenomena called “galvanotaxis.”

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