Gaming "am Sande", Call for Game Design Concepts

 – What would it be like to have “am Sande” as your playground?
– What about having an app allowing you to play with or around the buildings of Lüneburg’s main street?
– Or what about an alternate reality game taking place at “am Sande”, both physically and virtually?
– Did you know there are site-specific applications about zombies or ghosts, or that implement elements from Tetris or Candy Crush?

The Gamification Lab at the Center for Digital Cultures of Leuphana invites you to participate in our open call for game ideas. We are running a project that consists of 3D models of am Sande and would like to make a game out of it that could be used regularly by the young people of the city. Give it a thought and send us the idea you would like to play over and over if it comes true. It might be your thoughts turn out to be selected by the Gamification Lab!

If technically and conceptually feasible, the selected idea will be taken up by the researchers and integrated as part of a game project. Would you like your idea for a game to come true and be played out in public? Participate! It will be ready for 2015!
Send your concise game proposals to:

Last day to submit proposals: August 31th, 2014.

What would you like to do as play? Chase? Capture? Race? Align? Rescue? Escape? Avoid failure? Construct? Explore? Solve? Outwit?
Or what topics are of your interest to have as a game?

We look forward to hearing from you!
The Gamification Lab

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