Happy Play Time – female masturbation gamified

Happy Play Time is a mobile app *still in development* that aims at eliminating social stigmas around female masturbation. The website provides infographics about female masturbation as reported in a study on Portuguese communities and published by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (Indiana University) in 2010. From what we can see in the screenshots, the game provides information on how to masturbate, and encourages to try different techniques.
A part from the social ambitions of the app, it is interesting to see how gamification is here understood as a technique to ‘improve’ sexuality and relation with one’s own body, and also promote specific definitions of women’s sexuality. By providing instructions on how to masturbate the game also defines women’s body, its roles and functions, and regulates the meanings of sex and also pleasure, guilt, shame and ‘sillyness’ (these are the four categories that appear in the survey).
Source: gamification.co

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