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This is the blog of the Gamification Lab at the Centre for Digital Cultures at Leuphana University (see About page). It is inheriting some the posts of the Art and Civic Media project, so you’ll see some posts before this one. From now on this space will be used to discuss about different ways of ‘rethinking’ gamification. Through different examples and case studies we will discuss the political and social implications of the emergence of gamification. Also, in the following weeks you’ll see papers, audio and video files from the workshop we had in May at the Centre for Digital Cultures and also a new call for papers and works of art. We are really looking forward to seeing interesting discussions on the blog, and we are also ready to listen to your comments and suggestions (if you have an event, application, case study that you would like to show us, please contact us!).
Hope you will enjoy the blog!

The Gamification Lab team

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