Playful Media Practices – Collaborative Music and Composition and Gamification at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

Mathias Fuchs presented Gamification Lab research at the ludosonica workshop in Basel/ Switzerland on1st October 2014.
Three introductory lectures presented research on Sonic Spaces and Playfulness (Fuchs, Leuphana), Game Design (Mario von Rickenbach, Zürich) and Sonic Gamification (Silke Schmid and Franziska Spring, Basel)

Mario von Rickenbach presented a handful of his art games including
– Mirage
– Krautscape
– and Rakete a game for 5 players that have to cooperate to control a spaceship. Mario’s approach of designing games is quite different to industry standards and he accomplishes extremely intense games with a high degree of humour and unpredictability. Other than the industry he often changes basic decisions like (colour vs. grayscale, 3D vs. 2D) in the course of project development.


Loudspeaker array and Hans Peter Wyss

The workshop also introduced and discussed an audio application developed at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Roman Bolzern and Hans Peter Wyss demonstrated the system, that allows for interactive control of sound objects in space.

The editor and player for the system are available online.
The leap device that is used as a non-standard interface to control parameters. It will definitely have to be tested for the audiogames development we carry through at Leuphana. by Mario von Rickenbacher

Image above shows a screenshot from von Rickenbach’s mirage game.

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