Three Sided Football at DiGRA

The organising team of DiGRA 2015 is happy to announce that a game of 3-sided football will take place during the DiGRA conference in Lüneburg, Germany (May 14-17th).

Three sided football is a variation on traditional football with three teams instead of two. It was originally imagined by situationist Asger Jorn to explain his notion of triolectics and to counter the oppositional dualism of Marxist dialectics. The game is played by three teams of 5 players each, for three 20-minutes ‘halves’. The team that conceives fewer goals is the winner, thus encouraging forms of temporary collaboration, betrayal, disruption and organised confusion.

The game has been played on several occasions, mostly by the Luther Blissett international collective, by the Associations of Autonomous Austronauts in England, Italy, Austria, Poland, Serbia and in Lyon, France, in 2009 during the Biennale of contemporary Art. The first known game was played in 1993 in Glasgow by the London Psychogeographical Association. The football club Athletic de Bilbao organised a 3-sided football championship between 2011 and 2012.

At DiGRA 2015, on Friday 15th May, we will have Mark Dyson, organiser of the Deptford Three-Sided Football Club in London, UK. He will present the game and assist us in playing a session. If you intend to participate at DiGRA and if you are interested in playing the game, please let us know by sending an email to
Be brave. Join us!

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