Workshop on Board Games at the Gamification Lab

On Thursday 5th of March the Gamificalion Lab had the great pleasure to host a Board Games Workshop with talks revolving around methods for gameplay design, the articulation of themes as simulations, and the pitching and publishing of concepts.
How does a game come true? Why are some board games so short while others so long to play? Does a game get first a topic or first its mechanics? How can I know if my game is good and can be published? How do I get my game idea out in the market? Why do people play board games now in a digital games era? Are serious board games interesting for publishing companies?

These interrogations among others were discussed by a select panel of experts resulting in one oft he most interesting events organized by our institutions. Besides the talks by our guests, we also presented a couple of experimental serious board games developed at the Gamification Lab and a few students of the course „Game Development“ of Leuphana University had introduced and had the chance tto play their own game projects and receive fedback from the game designers.

Our list of 5-star participants was as follows:

– Uwe Rosenberg (creator of the internationally famous games Bohnanza, Agricola and Le Havre)
– Peter Eggert (Hamburg-based game designer and owner of the publishing company Eggertspiel),
– Christoph Cantzler (creator of many games including “RIFF RAFF” which was awarded with the „L’As d’Or – Jeu des L’Année Enfant 2014“ at the International Games Festival in Cannes),
– Jeffrey Allers (Berlin-based designer, creator of the award-nominated game “New Amsterdam”, and member of a very active game designers network converging at Spielwiese) and
– Bruce Whitehill (game designer and historian also called “The Big Game Hunter”, an authority on games history, who has consulted for many of the big toy and games companies in the USA).


To watch the event click on the following link:


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