33 1/3 Revolutions

“33 1/3 Revolutions” investigates the media archeology and cultural heritage of a revolving audio-storage and reproduction device, the record player, and its media: vinyl records. Vinyls have not only had been at the centre of (sub)cultural revolutions, like the flower-power movement, punk, German “Schlager” and DJing cultures, they have had a colourful history as revolving media themselves. Vinyls have had their experimental phase, gained the status of mainstream media (1960s), have been declared dead (around 1995), had a revival (2005) and seem to be considered hopeless once again now. The story of success, oblivion and reincarnation of vinyls can probably nowhere on earth be seen clearer than in Hongkong’s record store culture. Rapid changes in public favour, openness to new technologies, a faible for gadgets and a commitment to quickly follow fashion seem to constitute the breeding ground for the culture of vinyl records in Hongkong.

Mathias Fuchs (concept, design, audio)
Tara Hagemann (on site photography)