Audio Game

The Audio Game Project — For everyone who likes to listen

Have you ever played Tetris with your eyes closed? Now you can. We have transferred multiple casual games into the audio sphere. Play with no visuals and let yourself be guided by sound only. Draw your audio bow in Archery, test your memory in Animal Farm, check your reflexes in the multiplayer Samurai or find the way out of the fearsome audio Labyrinth. Discover our audio game collection consisting of several arcades and platforms. Each of our games requires a different type of interaction pattern and audio gameplay mechanics. That’s why they are so much fun. The application was developed for mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and for the desktop (Windows, OSX).


Jarosław Beksa (lead concept design, sound design, production)
Sonia Fizek (concept design support, co-production, script)
Enrique Perez (co-production)
Sophie Jent (programming)
Laleh Torabi (graphic design)
Julie Woletz (testing preparation)
Silke Laub (testing support)
David Scheele (programming)
Marvin Töllner (programming support)