Boat for Two

Love is rarely a bed of roses. It oftentimes throws us into stormy weather only to surprise us with the most stunning rainbow afterwards. Fortunately, a successful relationship is not a pure game of chance. In the Boat for Two you will take up the reins, floating through its beauties and hardships with your co-player. Withstand the whirlpools, underwater currents, and icebergs as you push the boat up the river by creating waves. Maneuver it wisely and see how strong your bond is. An alluring line of poetry may bewilder you in the journey.

You can see a video from Boat for Two here.

Boat for Two is designed as a poetic game for touchscreen devices. The mechanics of the game is based on tapping the water and creating waves, which push the leaf boat up the river. The game encourages two players to cooperate and negotiate their own path. There are numerous obstacles on the way, but what is even more important than the technical skills is the experience of a common journey through the unknown lands. The scenery, level of difficulty, and gameplay dynamics, change in accordance with the stage of the metaphorical relationship.

Poetry is a crucial component of the game. It sets the mood and encourages the players to contemplate their common situation. By implementing the poems we want to demonstrate the capacity of digital games to intertwine with different forms of art. Literary games are the way to go for us.

Download the IPA file here
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Sonia Fizek (lead concept design, production, promotion)
Enrique Perez (concept design support)
Anne Dippel (storyline, poetry, concept design support)
Felix Herbst (interaction design, programming, graphic design)
Paul Kirsten (interaction design, programming, graphic design)
Christian Freitag (sound, graphic design, interaction design)
Ruvi Simmons (poetry translation)